Healthy Snack that are easy to make

If snacking could be a sport many people would qualify for the Olympics. Snacking , which is amazing, can lead to the start of some unhealthy habits. These snacks however will satisfy any craving, can be made in a matter of minutes and are guilt free. Don't forget to comment below some of your favorite healthy snacks...
  • Autumn Fruit Salad
    • 2 ripe pears
    • 2 tablespoons of lemon juice
    • 1/3 chopped pecans
    • 1/4 cup of plain low fat Greek yogurt
    • 1 tablespoon of honey or agave nectar
    • Ground cinnamon (Optional)

1.    Combine pears and lemon juice in a medium bowl. Stir in pecans. Divide the pear mixture among four serving bowls. Combine yogurt and honey (or agave nectar) in a small bowl.
2.    Top each serving of the pear mixture with a dollop of the yogurt mixture. If desired, sprinkle with cinnamon.
Tip: To toast whole nuts or large pieces, spread in a shallow baking pan lined with parchment paper. Bake in a 350°F oven for 5 to 10 minutes or until golden, shaking pan once or twice.
·         Fruit Energy Balls

o   1 cup chopped almonds
o   1 cup dried figs
o   1 cup dried apricots
o   ⅓ cup unsweetened shredded coconut
Combine almonds, figs and apricots in a food processor; pulse until finely chopped. Roll the mixture into small balls and dredge in coconut.
·         To make ahead: Cover and refrigerate for up to up to 3 days or freeze up to 3 months.

·        Strawberry Planks

o   2 graham cracker squares
o   2 teaspoons tub-style light cream cheese
o   2 medium strawberries, sliced
o   Powdered sugar (optional)
1.    Break graham cracker squares along the perforation, making four rectangles.
2.    Spread cream cheese evenly over rectangles.
3.    Arrange a few strawberry slices on each rectangle.
4.    If desired, sprinkle lightly with powdered sugar.
·        Spinach Turkey Rolls

o   2 teaspoons honey mustard
o   Dash ground nutmeg
o   ½ of a (6 ounce) package thinly sliced oven-roasted or smoked turkey breast (8 thin slices)
o   1 cup fresh baby spinach leaves or fresh basil leaves
o   ½ medium red or green sweet pepper, seeded and cut into thin strips
o   4 sticks low-fat string cheese, cut lengthwise into quarters
o   Small fresh basil sprigs or leaves (optional)

1.    In a small bowl, stir together honey mustard and nutmeg.

2.     Carefully spread mustard mixture evenly atop turkey slices.

3.    Divide the spinach (or basil leaves) among turkey slices, placing along one short edge of each turkey slice and allowing tips of leaves to extend beyond the edge of the turkey.

4.     Top with pepper strips and cheese. Starting at edge with cheese and vegetables, roll up each turkey slice. If desired, garnish turkey rolls with additional basil and cut each roll in half

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