Valentine's Day Gift

As Valentine's Day approaches the need to get some last-minute gifts for those that you love grows. Now you can always go with the classic chocolate and flowers or you can go a different route and do something creative. Here is a list of some creative Valentine's Day gifts for him or her that you can either make yourself or buy this year. 

  1. Donut bouquet
  2. Box of cookies
  3. 50 things I love about you
  4. Themed basket
  5. Snack tower
  6. Handmade card
  7. A different Valentine's day note or gift at the top every hour or every few hours.
  8. Coupon book ( Things you will do for them)
  9. Heart shaped money box
  10. Senses tower

I hope these few ideas help to spark your loved themed gifts...

-Kyree... 💋
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