Infused Water Recipes

 Fruit infused water is a great way to keep yourself hydrated while also getting those daily vitamins that you need, that fruit can provide to you. Here are a few of my favorites from

Apple Cinnamon

Add a thinly sliced apple and one cinnamon stick to a pitcher of water. This drink is often referred to as a flat belly drink. 

Watermelon Mint

Cube one cup of fresh watermelon and add it to a pitcher of water. Then, stir in between four-six mint leaves. If you don’t want your water to have a powerful mint flavor then only use about four leaves (or even less if you prefer). 

Blueberry Kiwi

Add half a cup of fresh blueberries, two thinly sliced kiwis, and three mint leaves to a pitcher of water. There are plenty of health benefits packed into this drink. The blueberries are a great “brain food” and the kiwis and mint leave support digestive health.

Orange Blueberry

Load up on vitamin C and antioxidants with this drink. Simply add half a cup of fresh blueberries and a thinly sliced orange to a pitcher of water.

Raspberry Lemon

Add half a cup of fresh raspberries, a thinly sliced lemon, and three mint leaves to a pitcher of water.

Lemon Cucumber

Thinly slice half a cucumber and one lemon. Then, add the slices to a pitcher of water. This is a great morning drink that can help beat belly bloat and boost your energy!

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