My Favorite Brands of Tea

One of my favorite Saturday morning routines is to brew a spot of tea and either journal, do my devotions or sit in silence it is the best way for me to clear my head and really reflect on this past week and how to improve my upcoming week. The aroma from a fresh pot of tea is invigorating and really is one of the many reasons why I love tea. There are so many different types, flavors, health factors and benefits to drinking tea. 

Tiesta Tea has quickly become one of my favorite loose leaf brands for it's a fresh taste to its intoxicating aroma and finishing off with their amazing benefits. In fact, one of the best qualities of the brand is the number of benefits this steep has. On their website, they list their teas by which benefit you are looking for they have: Energizer, Eternity, Immunity, Slenderizer, Relaxer. Each benefit has its own set of flavors, with all of them being amazing. Here are a few of my favorite flavors ...

  • Lean Green Machine

This slenderizer is the perfect citrusy blend that helps suppress your appetite and your Monday moods.

  • Fruity Pebbles

Unfortunately, this does not taste like fruity pebbles... but trust me as soon as you open the bag and get a whiff of its fruity smells you will forgive them.

  • Blueberry Wild Child

This hibiscus blend smells so good you might want to use some of the leaves as potpourri, so the aroma can Stay a bit longer. Also if you like the taste of berries, this is the tea for you! 

  • Royal Breakfast

If you like your tea like you like your men, strong, then this is the one for you. this royal black loose leaf is very strong and flavor, so if you're not into a strong Brew this is not for you!

  • Fireberry

With its blend of cranberries, hibiscus and Rooibos; this is the perfect steep of fruity and floral. 

These are only five of the many different flavors tiesta tea has to offer. Make sure you check them out and don't be afraid to check out a flavor you might discover your new favorite. Enjoy!

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