Oversized Blazers

If you love oversized clothing then you are going to fall for this springs easiest fashion trend. What if you left your favorite jacket at home and traded it for an oversized or boyfriend blazer?

It is no secret that women's clothes are becoming notably more masculine as we see menswear borrowed clothing in women's closets. It seems that trends are becoming more and more slouchy and oversized with big outerwear, tops, and trousers. Short story: The 80's. Fashion is like history, it repeats itself all the time.

There are many brands that have incredible looks, here are a couple of different styles and ways to
wear them.

Monki Oversized Blazer
Monki Oversized Blazer, Asos $90
Pink Checked Boyfriend Blazer  image 4
Pink Checked Boyfriend Blazer, Pretty Little Things $45
Image result for Boyfriend blazers nordstrom
Mural Slouchy Boyfriend Blazer, Nordstrom
Button Oversized, Zara $129.00
Image 1 of OVERSIZED BLAZER from Zara
Yellow Pastel Oversized Blazer, Zara $89.90

-Kyree... 💋
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