3 Tips when Washing Denim

So while we have our eating plans in check and nightly skincare routines down, I think it’s time we start taking about how to take quality care of our fashion pieces. I mean we do want them to last right? Just like we pay attention to the types of cleansers we put on our faces-- making sure there are no harsh chemicals and free of anything that can cause breakouts, cheap detergents will do some good damage on your favorite jeans! Here are three tips that will help to keep your favorite denims looking and feeling their best.

1.   Detergent is key.

You want to make sure that your detergent is specifically formulated to lock in color.  Do your research and look for the best detergent out there that will lock in the color of your jeans, cleans the best, and (for those like me with sensitive skin) won’t leave your feeling itchy.

2.   Learn what all those cycle settings mean on your washer.

Look we all have had that mentality where we don’t how it gets clean as long as it’s clean. Unfortunately turning the dial regular every time is not going to cut it anymore. Take the time to understand what each dial means and as time goes you will figure out which cycle is best for any specific type of fabrics. I remember reading an article in Elle where a Tide detergent expert said you should actually treat your denim like a lace garment. Using the delicate or gentle cycle to help preserve the finish and it also helps minimize shrinkage.

3.   Do not use hot water.

This is sometime I have learned from my parents and of course many, many laundry accidents. Using hot water will speed up the process in your jeans fading. In order to save the fibers and help minimize fading, use cold water.
-Kyree... ๐Ÿ’‹
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