Our Spring Issue is Here... No Joke!

Flowers are blooming, the sun is starting to come out and our Spring issue is here. We cover everything from DIY face masks to the behind the scenes coverage of the ever-most talented Johanna Hernandez brand Glaudi for LA Fashion Week.
We also have our very own Kelsey Lee, Fashioned Magazine's fitness guru, share on how to keep yourself motivated and also an amazing article about how to start being good to you from our girl Michelle Scott.
 I also cannot wait for you to meet and fall in love with our cover girl, Victoria Hernandez. You may have seen her and her crew on a little show on NBC called, World of Dance. Yeah...they won season two, might want to check that out too. As we hop into spring-- this issue is going to help you transition not only seasons but your closets as well. Give it read! 

-Kyree... 💋
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