Being Good to You

The start of a new year can bring many new things. Whether it be new challenges, career pathways, changes in lifestyle or new faces. The idea and goal of being in a new relationship can be exciting, however, when certain holidays roll around it can be clear that it was more wishful thinking than reality. With Spring blooming it should be easy for us t focus our energy on feeling fresh and new in spring colors and floral patterns, but the pressure of finding a new romance with summer just around the corner it can be quite daunting. Question: when is the last time you said, " Hello..." to you. If we don't learn to love ourselves how can we love anybody else and be who they need us to be. In our spring issue, Michelle Scott eloquently gives us a couple of tips on how we can start to be good to ourselves. Give it read!  ( Page 31)

-Kyree... 💋
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