My Spring Must Haves

Spring has sprung and I am excited to share with you some of my favorite things I can't live without this season.

  1. La Croix - as an avid lover of sparkling water it is no surprise this made my list. The berry flavor of La Croix is such a refreshing flavor perfect for those gorgeous spring days!
  2. Glitter Calendar /Notebook, Stylus Pen and Diamond Paper clips - These items are from Lunchbox and they couldn't fit my style any better. With all of the blog post I have been doing on various social media outlets, it is a must that I stay organized and a plus if I do it in fashion. 
  3. Elf Lipstick (Praline)- I am in love with this color! With its subtle color hues with a hint of dark tones, this color can literally be paired with any look this season. To top it off it is only $3 at Target.
  4. Sunglasses - Something else you may not know about me is that I collect sunglasses. I have at least two pairs of sunglasses on me at all times and that's not even counting their pairs in my car. Sunnies are a timeless accessory that will elevate any outfit. This pink pair is from a subscription company called Sol-Theory. If you subscribe you will receive a new pair of glasses every month for only $5 + shipping which normally takes it to about $8. 
  5. Face Masks - Anytime my skin needs a quick pick me up whether I am staying in for the night or going out on the town, face mask is my go to. There are so many different ones available all doing some incredible things. To find the perfect one just do some research.
  6. Night Crème and Under Eye Masks - After you have clean all of the days away from your face it is always best to add some sort of nighttime regime to protect your face at night and prep it for tomorrow.  

I'm sure as spring progresses my list will change somethings being replaced or things being added. What is your list of spring must-haves?

-Kyree... 💋
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