Fourth of July Mocktails

What is the best 4th of July menu pairing? A refreshing drink to wash your burgers and hot dogs down. No, not a soda-- think delicious mocktails, like a blue piña colada. These drinks look Instagram worthy and taste just as amazing but won’t leave you feeling hungover. After all, does it sound fun listening to loud fireworks with a huge headache, not to me? Another good point to mention is that this year the 4th is on a Thursday, that means most of you will have to go to work the following day, (Duh, Duh, Duh!) Keep in mind that this 4th of July drink recipes don’t have to be enjoyed entirely by a younger crowd—even adults will relish in a cool glass of lemonade or a sweet frozen concoction. They’ll pair perfectly with all the delicious dishes at your backyard barbecue!

Recipe and Photo Credit at Recipe for Perfection
Recipe and Photo Credit at Thirsty For Tea
Recipe and Photo Credit at PBS

Recipe and Photo Credit at Wishes and Dishes

Recipe and Photo Credit at Momtastic

Recipe and Photo Credit at A Worthy Read

Recipe and Photo Credit at Passion for Savings
Recipe and Photo Credit at Katrina's Kitchen

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