Newchella 2019

This past weekend I attended Socal Blogger Babes Fashion event, Newchella. This soiree was filled with fun D.I.Y. stations, vendors, horderves , and plenty of photo sessions. Not to mention a great fashion show which highlighted three amazing designers and stores.
The first show was by the brand Amalfii all designed by a gorgeous babe named Vee! She is 26 years old and her designs make it seem like she's has been in the game forever. Her street style is so dope from all of the different colors to the cuts, it's safe to say she is just getting started.

The second show was a swimwear line from Copacabana Beachwear, Yep just like the song. I really enjoyed this show for many reasons. But the most important to me is the variety of suits they show for a wide range of sizes. All of the models were not the same look or size they were all different which was very refreshing! I loved the cute prints, patterns, and colors... I could definitely see myself in any of these. 
The final show was from Model Citizen. The design for this is very contemporary and trendy, with many pieces I could see in my closet. This style goes from chic streetwear to everyday fabulous. My favorite would have to be the Hollywood Jumpsuit from Acacia, so cute! 

There were also many great vendors at the event such as one vendor called the Lazy Cat. It is a meditation studio with cats that are up for adoption. So you go in to meditate and the cats chill with you and if you two are vibing you can adopt him or her. Another one was Color Street which is perfect for quick nails on the go. All you do is stick on the desired nail polish pattern and that's it. Each sticker lasts up to 14 days and comes off with nail polish. Blush Elegance was also there serving some gorgeous looks as their Claire olive Pants set, it's seriously a crime how good this set looks.  

Newchella was a great event that I look forward to attending again and again. If you are a Southern California blogger who either just started or have been blogging for a while, this is a great event to attend. Being in the same building with all of these amazing bloggers was out of this world. Such a great time, cannot wait for the next one.  Congratulations Socal Blogger Babes on a wonderful event!

-Kyree... 💋
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