Setting Realistic Goals

Happy New Year! 2019 will bring new challenges with new declarations in mind. I've noticed that a lot of my declarations have been the same, year after year. So I thought instead of having a bunch of extremely broad goals, I am going to give myself more precise short-term goals that will ultimately lead me to my long-term resolution. This could mean instead of declaring I am going to work out every day this year and only eat salad, I could make a promise to workout 1 to 2 days a week and eat cleaner with more portion control. This also works for finances, give yourself a goal of saving at least $50-$100 after each check or maybe more.  The point is that these goals are something that you can really reach so there is no discouragement, false hope and most importantly regressing.  This is a great tool to use whenever you are wanting to set any life-changing goals. 
So cheers to the New year and to the New You! 
-Kyree... 💋
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