Almond milk vs. Coconut milk

From milk to ice cream to cheese, it’s becoming easier to take traditional dairy products out of your healthy lifestyle. Whether your allergic to dairy, lactose intolerant or just trying to live a dairy-free lifestyle— there’s no need to fear the dairy section at your local market. In fact today more than ever, there are more dairy alternatives for people who want a little less moo in their lives.

For me personally, being lactose intolerant made it hard for me to enjoy certain snacks without having a bathroom close by. So I swapped out all of my diaries for alternatives-- my tummy problems instantly got better, but not completely.  After some future research I realized that even though I had changed the main problem, I was adding new ones without any notice. When I checked the ingredients on my milk I was shocked at all in ingredients inside--a lot of the problems that were in regular milk were in this brand of milk as well. My nutritionist told me that when looking for the best brand of anything, the fewer ingredients the better. So I started my hunt for a new brand with the thought in mind, " Less is better". 

Narrowing my search to two different types of milk, initially, it was three but the third was oat milk and if you want to know the problems with that just google it... (cough, cough) "Thank u, next!". My two options left were the same brand of milk-- one being almond and the other coconut. Which one is better?  

I found out that there are many benefits to both types of milk. The good news is that there are no artificial colors, flavors or GMOs added and of course, there are flavored options available but that's where the nutrition comes in.  Almond milk is low in calories, Cholesterol free and high in vitamin E. Coconut milk helps with nourishing the digestive lining and improving overall gut health, it also contains acid that is good for energy and electrolytes that helps replenish the body. Coconut is refreshing and hydrating while Almond milk is rich in flavor and protein. Both are excellent choices when looking for alternatives to cows milk--it just comes down to the taste and the types of benefits you want from your milk. Now the big question is..... Which milk are you gonna choose? 

-Kyree... ๐Ÿ’‹
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