Being Thankful When Times are Tough

This past weekend most of us here in Southern California have been glued to our TV's watching the news-- from the heartbreak of the Thousand Oaks shooting to the devastating Woosley fires. So many people have lost their lives and their homes this weekend and sadly the fire has not been contained-- for some it is not over. How fitting is it that this all happened in the month of November, a month where we all are asked to reflect on what we are thankful for — what is truly important in our lives. Today take time out of your schedule to call, text or reach out to all of the important people in your life and love on them. This weekend is a hard lesson in never forgetting how precious life is and how thankful we should be for what we have. 

Click the link to find out the many different ways you can support the victims of the Woolsey fire. Anything helps!
-Kyree. 💋
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