Daily Affirmations

Have you ever regretted not doing something because you psyched yourself out— or did something that ended with results rather unpleasant and you mentally destroying yourself over it, long story short I have. Whatever it maybe, we tend to overestimate how bad the consequences are-- In other words we overthink about what could happen and convince ourselves that its not worth it. Affirmations are more than just a self- help statement to make ourselves feel better. They can have a significant impact of our quality of life. Regular affirmations allow us to become more in tune with our thoughts and the way we think about ourselves. Here are some great affirmations to start inspiring yourself:

  1. I am love. I am purpose.
  2. I don't sweat the small stuff.
  3. I can. 
  4. I am adventurous. 
  5. I am in charge of how I feel and today I am choosing happiness. 
  6. I am my own superhero. 
  7. I will not compare myself to strangers on the Internet.
  8. I am the architect of my life; I build its foundation and choose its contents.
  9. My body is healthy; my mind is brilliant; my soul is tranquil.
  10. I am superior to negative thoughts and low actions.
  11. I have been given endless talents which I begin to utilize today.
  12. I forgive those who have harmed me in my past and peacefully detach from them.
  13. I possess the qualities needed to be extremely successful.
  14. Creative energy surges through me and leads me to new and brilliant ideas.
  15.  Happiness is a choice. I base my happiness on my own accomplishments and the blessings I've been given.
  16. My ability to conquer my challenges is limitless; my potential to succeed is infinite.
  17. I am courageous and I stand up for myself.
  18. I am blessed with an incredible family and wonderful friends.
  19. I acknowledge my own self-worth; my confidence is soaring.
  20. (For those who are single) The perfect partner for me is coming into my life sooner than I expect.
  21. I radiate beauty, charm, and grace.
  22. I am conquering my illness; I am defeating it steadily each day.
  23. My obstacles are moving out of my way; my path is carved towards greatness.
  24. My fears of tomorrow are simply melting away.
  25. My life is just beginning
Saying these affirmations daily will help you become healthier, more productive and in an overall positive mood.

-Kyree.. 💋
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