Dealing with Insecurities

Instagram is a wonderful place for collaborations, creativity and to make positive connections. Instagram is a powerful tool-- one swipe can make you laugh until you cry, feel inspired, have too many feels, etc. etc. It helps you connect with your favorite celebrities, people you haven't feel since high school, new friends and bloggers to figure out what to wear, eat and how to live a more beautiful life. As amazing as this is--it can also lead to a lot of envy, jealously, sadness and for some depression. It's so easy for us to look into someones life and imagine what it would be like to be in their shoes. Truth is none of us really know what their life is like behind the lense and i'm sure if it were revealed, we would be shocked. Regardless, everyone has insecurities-- EVERYONE! We all deal with it on some sort of level . Here are some tools that helped me...
  •  Identify your Insecurities. 
This is the most vital step and honestly the hardest. Nothing is harder then admitting we have faults and specifying what they are. Though, this is the best and most efficient way to heal and strengthen your mind. You have to identify what is the cause or root of your insecurities. 

  • Practice Kindness and Confidence

Confidence is a trait that society celebrates. some people believe that this trait is God-given, and event though it may come easier to some-- confidence is something you practice. Kindness is so important as well in fact check out to see just how important kindness is.

  • Reflect of your success
Make a list, look through pictures, talk to loved ones. Sometimes you just have to take a step back and look at how amazing YOUR life is and the amazing things YOU'VE done. 

  • Edit your Circle
Every once in a while I clean up my Instagram by going through and unfollowing people.  I feel like my feed should look like a reflection of me and when too many things are popping up that I no longer admire or dream for-- or worse case things that don't want to see, I need to let them go. This is very symmetrical with life--  I have pages that I have been following since day one and pages I only followed for one day. I've also had people in my life for a season and people in my life for a reason. 
  • Know that Everyone has them
EVERYONE has insecurities.........

Trust me, I'm no expert when it comes to getting rid of insecurities but these are tools that I have used to help me personally! I'd love to hear how you deal with insecurities, leave a comment below!

-Kyree.. 💋
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